MooreCloud™, an exciting new COMAC America Corporation project, is a cloud-based platform focused on connecting entities containing vast pools of technical expertise (as well as individual engineers) with China-based projects and resources in commercial aviation R&D.  Additionally, MooreCloud will provide the requisite recruitment, procurement and trade-demand services associated with commercial aviation projects.  Each member of the talent pool will be thoroughly vetted to ensure certifications are current and confidentiality is maintained.

Members will have the ability to review new projects in the open RFP stage, and receive up-to-date information on the advancements and needs of existing projects such as the ARJ21, C919 and the Future Wide-Body Aircraft.  The MooreCloud platform will serve as a window to understanding and accessing the rapidly growing commercial jetliner industry in China.

The platform will also host COMAC’s various future global initiatives in education and innovation.  These initiatives include a civil aviation concept design contest, an aviation knowledge contest, technical exchange symposiums, factory visits, and more.

By providing a safe, secure, and convenient online platform for technical exchange, MooreCloud offers an outstanding opportunity for all parties to realize exceptional  professional, technical and financial benefit.  The MooreCloud website can be found at: MooreCloud™.


Future Civil Aircraft Concept Design Contest

Aviation Week and COMAC America Corporation are hosting the Future Civil Aircraft Concept Design Contest and are calling for future civil aircraft concept designs.  If you are passionate about commercial aircraft design and you believe you have what it takes to win $3,000, register today.  For contest rules, terms and conditions and to register, please visit:  The final day for submissions is February 28, 2018!