Established in 2008, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC),  is a China-based commercial aerospace manufacturer engaged in the research and development (R&D), design, manufacturing, testing, marketing, servicing, leasing and operation of commercial jetliners.  COMAC functions as the main vehicle for implementing the large passenger aircraft programs in China. It is also mandated with the overall planning for the development of airliner and regional jet programs so the industrialization of civil aircraft in China can be realized. Currently, COMAC is designing and marketing three aircraft models: Regional Jetliner ARJ21, Single-Aisle Airliner C919, and the CR929 under the joint venture CRAIC with Russia's UAC.

COMAC Headquarters in Shanghai

Headquartered in Shanghai, COMAC employs over 10,000 people worldwide and currently has offices in France and the United States.  COMAC is committed to delivering improved modern passenger aircraft to the global community.  All of COMAC’s aircraft are designed and built with careful adherence to international airworthiness standards.  Adopting an “airframer-suppliers” model,  COMAC works with world-renowned system suppliers including General Electric Aviation, Honeywell, Parker Aerospace, Eaton, Rockwell Collins, B/E Aerospace, Woodward Aerospace, Goodrich and many more to develop a finished product.  Through such partnerships, COMAC aims to drive innovation that will improve global aviation.

COMAC is guided by the vision, determination, and drive of its leadership headed by Chairman, He Dongfeng.

Core Values: Safety, Innovation, Collaboration, and always placing the Customer First.

Mission:  To let China-made large aircraft fly in the blue sky. 

Vision: To deliver safer, cost-effective, comfortable and environment-friendly civil aircraft.

The English language version of COMAC's official website can be found at: http://english.comac.cc/

COMAC's official website can be found at: http://www.comac.cc/