About COMAC America Corporation


COMAC America Corporation (CAC), a subsidiary of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), was formally established on November 23, 2013, in a ceremony attended by California state and local officials.  CAC is a world-class international platform for research and development (R&D) that supports the efforts of COMAC through commercial aerospace R&D, and supplier management.  Located in beautiful Newport Beach, California, CAC is proud to make its mark as COMAC’s first overseas subsidiary in the United States!   CAC has over 40 employees whose skills and hard work are spread throughout nine departments (Engineering, Finance, Supplier Management, Strategic Planning & Marketing, General Affairs, Legal, Human Resources, IT and Public Relations).

CAC Offices in Newport Beach, CA

CAC is currently working on several projects designed to improve commercial aviation globally!  These initiatives include: the Harbinger™ Ejectable Flight Data Recorder (EFDR) system and MooreCloud™.  To learn more about these initiatives, please visit the “PROJECTS” tab.

CAC also proudly provides support to COMAC in the development of their three homegrown aircraft models, the ARJ21, C919 and Wide-Body Aircraft.  To learn more about each aircraft model, please visit the “AIRCRAFT” tab.

As an emerging company, CAC is setting the stage for global collaboration in commercial aviation through mutually beneficial relationships with industry and academic leaders in North America.

CAC is guided by the leadership and vision of Mr. Wei Ye, Executive Director & President.  Mr. Ye is supported by Ms. Huimin Yang, Chief Financial Officer and Mr. Xianhui Xu, Vice President.  Our goal is to to ensure safer air transport for the future through innovation and global partnerships.

                                                CAC Offices in Newport Beach, CA